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MOSSO Sunwear is a Milan-based brand founded in the Spring of 2020. The brand offers ‘beyond-the-water’ swimwear with a strong positive message and a nostalgic character that takes us back to carefree and untroubled times of childhood and summer holidays.

All MOSSO Sunwear pieces are 100% developed, designed, and ethically produced in Italy. The brand is characterized by classic and clean lines with a natural and soft style that reflects the Mediterranean's history, culture, and pathos. MOSSO Sunwear's aesthetic is based on the rawness of nature, enriched by a sense of familiarity and renaissance that takes you back to the 1950s. Clean and classic silhouettes with original subtle prints on innovative and environmentally friendly materials create a modern masculine sensibility.

MOSSO represents the child who is in all of us, with its vulnerability and at the same time the great sense of freedom of adolescence. It embodies a free and playful spirit that recognizes beauty in the little things of everyday life. MOSSO is also a simple, country boy who loves and respects nature, and it embodies the water, the river, and the sea as essential elements in which he feels strongly a part.